Designer Body Retreat


The Ultimate Healthy Weight Loss Vacation

Our California beachfront retreat offers guests a proven world class weight loss and body shaping solution. Relax and recalibrate in luxury as the experts from ABC’s EXTREME MAKEOVER streamline customized weight loss results that are scientifically proven to eliminate fat and transform the shape of even the most stubborn of figures. Enjoy gourmet satisfying food options as the pounds literally melt away. Learn once and for all how easy it is to eat more, exercise less, perform only the workout moves that are correct for you-and your unique body-type. Regardless of size, age, and fitness level you can create rapid healthy changes in your body today!

Wellness For a Healthy Lifestyle

Embark on a tranquil first class journey to wellness with your inclusive choice of Sea Wellness spa treatments, sunset strolls, beachfront yoga, and tailor made gourmet cuisine menu selections. World class shopping, serene mountain hikes, and the famous Santa Monica pier are minutes away a from our sunny seaside accommodations. Enjoy the experience that only a healthy jump start can provide as you renew your energy, relax your soul, and recharge your health. Take advantage of the first rate educational classes and maintenance programs structured for each client’s unique home living environment and schedule.

Is Designer Body Retreat a fitness boot camp?

No! We are the Anti-boot camp! Our program focuses on aesthetics-we focus on changing the way you look. You can be very fit and still look overweight. Just look at any offensive line of an American football team. Think of our program as a cosmetic fitness program-surgery without the surgery or strenuous workouts. We combine thermogenic nutrition with personalized body sculpting exercises, tailor-making your program to your personal needs, starting point and goals.

The trend for boot camps continues because most people think they have to work hard and starve to lose weight and while some do deliver results in the short run, they are a quick fix. But boot camps were developed by the military as a shock tactic to break down new recruits – not as an ongoing lifestyle solution. Our bodies are not capable of sustaining the levels of physical shock required to get boot camp results long term.

The Designer Body program teaches you which foods and exercises are best for your individual body type and helps to accelerate your progress towards your weight loss and lifestyle goals. You can use it to manage your overall health or, like Designer Body’s owner who uses the program to manage his Type II diabetes without medication, you can even use it to manage specific medical conditions the healthy way.

Designer Body is about establishing a SUSTAINABLE way of losing weight and achieving a healthy and rewarding long-term lifestyle.


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About DBR


Alisa Daglio, Co-CEO

Dubbed by Oxygen Magazine as “The Future of Fitness”, Virgin Island born Alisa Daglio is on the cutting edge of customized nutrition and body-sculpting techniques. The Congressional Award winning trainer’s extreme athleticism and well defined physique aim to inspire individuals worldwide with a healthier standard for a physical ideal. Alisa’s “take the bull by the horns” approach is confirmed by her background both professionally and personally as a former trainer on the hit ABC television show Extreme Makeover, Star of the new Body Type Workout DVD series, Resident fitness expert on the Tools to Life website network, and Co-Owner of Santa Monica’s premiere customized nutrition and body sculpting company “Designer Body Makeover.” For the past 15 years Alisa’s philosophy and mission has been to empower others with the customized tools to makeover their own bodies and subsequently their lives!

Alisa achieved her B.A. in Visual Art/Media with honors from The University of California at San Diego, and began cultivating a passion for alternative extreme sports around the globe. After jumping off of the highest bungee bridge in the world in New Zealand, Alisa was recruited by CBS news to be the first woman to bungee jump from the highest man made gravity tower in North America. Subsequently, the former Miss Pacific Beach USA turned in her crown in exchange for a “touchdown” when she attempted a career with Los Angeles’ first full contact professional woman’s football team the LA Breakers W.P.F.L. Alisa’s additional outdoor adventures include skydiving and scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, scaling Mount Wina Piccu through the Incan ruins of Peru, and climbing 19,340 feet to the top of the roof of Africa (Mount Kilimanjaro) in 2008.

Alisa’s physique and commentary have appeared on NBC’s Extra, CBS KFMB Channel 8 News, ESPN, PAX TV, Extreme Makeover, The Michael Thurmond Body sculpting DVD series, and have been featured in such press outlets as, The Los Angeles Times, The San Diego Union Tribune, DHC Cosmetics, Oxygen Magazine, the cover of The Beach and Bay Press, the cover of Beach Magazine, and Marie Claire Magazine. As the writer of Tools to Life weekly inspirations and creator of the new 19 day Designer Body Makeover Jump Start, Alisa’s aim is to help fast-track others on the road to rapid weight loss and personal well-being. Alisa’s focus with the new Body Type Workout DVD series and all Designer Body Makeover programs is to empower those interested in a positive lifestyle change that is customized by real foods and streamlined exercises that anyone can perform.


Kris Reid, Co-CEO

The undefeated former professional Extreme Cage fighter Kris Reid gave up a successful career in athletics to help train contestants on the popular ABC television show Extreme Makeover and to facilitate the Congressional award winning “Mind Body Action” program that assists inner city children and their parents in losing weight and developing healthy eating habits. Born in Tarzana California, Reid’s interest in working out began at the age of 14 when he attempted to overcome a chunky adolescence by reading every fitness magazine he could get his hands on and saving his allowance to purchase weights. After his own successful “makeover” Reid spends his days lecturing on specialized circuits with Doctors (on the importance of customized health and fitness) and running the Designer Body Makeover Retreat with Co-CEO Alisa Daglio.

Reid began working for Body Makeover Systems in 2002. Tragedy struck Reid in 2006 when in his 20′s he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. His extensive knowledge of chemistry, nutrition and exercise has enabled him to manage his condition without the use of medication. Reid’s ultimate goal is to inspire those affected by diabetes and to prevent those in danger of becoming diabetic from ever experiencing the disease.

As a professional fighter in the ring and for his cause, Reid is no stranger to dominating success. It is no coincidence that his Congressional Award winning training skills have appeared on the Oprah Show, Extreme Makeover, and have been showcased in households across America. Reid’s journey to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2008 proves that having Type II Diabetes is not an obstacle to any endeavor. By utilizing the Body Makeover nutrition and exercise program, Reid is able to regulate his diabetes without the use of any medication. As a mentor, inspirational role model, and phenomenal athlete, Kris Reid can inspire people on every level.


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Rates & Rooms


We operate the Designer Body Retreat in partnership with The Casa Del Mar Hotel located 1910 Ocean Way Santa Monica, CA 90405


“Casa del Mar, the grandest of the opulent Santa Monica beach clubs dating from the city’s booming “Gold Coast” years, is again one of the most luxurious hotels on the Pacific coast. Built in 1926, the hotel, with 129 elegant guest rooms and suites, including three magnificent two-story penthouses, features incomparable panoramas of the Pacific Ocean, from Malibu to Palos Verdes. Luxurious guest rooms evoke the mood and style of the Italian and French Rivieras. Rooms include opulent baths with frosted glass, white-paned windows that open onto the guest rooms and gorgeous vistas below.”


All Rooms Include:

Remote TV with HBO, CNN, ESPN, Discovery & Pay-Per-View

AM/FM clock radio and stereo with new Bose speakers

2 Plush cloth bathrobes

2 flat screen color TV’s in in main area and bathroom

Make-up/shaving mirror, hair dryer, umbrella, & personal care items

Twice-daily maid service, with 100% turndown

Workspace-friendly floor plan

Executive desks with two-line phones

Wireless Internet access

Floor lamps

In-room safes



September-June Room Rates

Palm Terrace

Partial Ocean

Full Ocean

Single occupancy:

$7,000 per week

Single occupancy:

$7,500 per week

Single occupancy:

$8,500 per week

Double occupancy:

$11,000 per week

Double occupancy:

$12,000 per week

Double occupancy:

$13,000 per week

July-August Room Rates

Palm Terrace

Partial Ocean

Full Ocean

Single occupancy:

$8,000 per week

Single occupancy:

$9,000 per week

Single occupancy:

$10,000 per week

Double occupancy:

$12,000 per week

Double occupancy:

$13,000 per week

Double occupancy:

$14,000 per week



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Red Carpet Ready


Designer Body Retreat Special Events/Red Carpet Ready


Do you have an upcoming special event that you absolutely, positively, must lose weight for? Never fear. You don’t need to be a celebrity to be “Red Carpet Ready!”


If you have any of the following to attend:


Premiere or Opening



Class or Family Reunion

Special Birthday

Movie role


Our Special Events/Red Carpet Ready program is the option for you!


Uncover the secret that Hollywood agents and industry professionals have known about for years. Our healthy cutting edge methods, utilized on all four seasons of the hit TV show Extreme Makeover allow our expert trainers to identify your unique body type and take advantage of personalized body sculpting movements that are right for you! Eat gourmet meals, perform targeted fat burning beach walks, and gasp in amazement as the pounds melt away. Actress Yolanda King, Paula Abdul, and Angela Bassett have all successfully utilized our methods. Now it’s your turn!


Below you will find the details for our $3,900 3 day/4 night Jump start Program:


* Customized diet program

* 3 days/4 nights accommodation (standard room-check in after 4pm Sunday and check out before noon Thursday)

* 3 small meals and 2 snacks per day prepared by the Executive Chef at the retreat

* Tour of the Santa Monica Farmers Market (Wednesday)

* 2 personalized one on one resistance training and educational sessions (Monday and Tuesday)

* 4 Monitored cardiovascular exercise sessions at your calculated fat burning heart rate.

* Personal exercise regimen and Weight/Body Measurements

* A variety of self empowering classes including:

- Maintenance and success at home

- Reading nutrition labels

- Advanced nutrition

- Overcoming pitfalls at home

- Empowering Visualization


Designer Body Retreat is the only weight loss retreat program that I endorse for healthy rapid weight loss and jaw- dropping results.

- Michael Thurmond – Celebrity Fitness Guru


When my celebrity clients need to shape up fast- I always recommend Designer Body Retreat. Nothing gets the weight off faster!

- Gui Schoedler Celebrity Hair Stylist Beverly Hills


Whenever I need to prepare or my next movie and get my body ‘camera ready,’ I spend at least 3 weeks at the Designer Body Retreat.

- Karen Kondazian – Actress


Red Carpet Ready-When you absolutely, positively, must lose weight now!


* Bride and Bridal party packages available


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